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 20172班  班主任:李晓燕










 Dear teachers and schoolmates, good morning!

        Today, our topic is Face Challenges Directly and Try Our Best.

        If life is a river, there must be reefs to stop the waves surging. If life is a handful of sand, there must be gravels to harden our fingers. The value of life, lies in consistently challenging and changing beyond ourselves. The coming examination is the new challenge that is in front of us to face.

        First of all, the correct attitude towards learning is the premise of everything. With the desire of our heart, we will have the power to go farther. There are always many students complaining about too much pressure of learning , how harsh our education system is! However, they don’t realize that the real successful people don’t have these troubles at all. Because they know, when they change themselves, they have already changed the world. Once, a piece of news showed that 60 percent of high school students wanted to cancel the mathematics college entrance examination. This topic soon became a hot issue. Then, one so-called "super scholar," silently said: "Mathematics, is used to eliminate these 60 percent of people." Therefore, all the students of our school, the correct attitude towards learning shouldn’t be limited to being sensible and obedient. It should be changing the prejudice of our mind, finding no excuses for ourselves and keeping active to try harder.

        Next, we must know and try to understand the truth that “we can do something easily if we are really hardworking”. It is said that the great calligrapher Wang Xizhi was invited to write a tablet for an inn. He wrote down a few characters effortlessly. Years later, when people removed the tablet, intended to clean the handwriting off for other purpose, they found the handwriting has been deeply engraved on the wood. Seemingly effortlessly, Wang Xizhi succeeded. Behind his success, lies 18 full tanks of black water for his brush ink and the hard work for day and night. In face of the first important exam in Grade Nine, let us stop envying others, to pursue their unknown efforts behind.

        Finally, the appropriate psychological adjustment is an essential link. The examination is not only an intelligent contest but also a sociological competition. So, in order to have good results, when we review, we should also strengthen the examination psychological adjustment at the same time. The famous writer Long Yingtai once said, we desperately learn how to successfully sprint 100 meters, but no one taught us: When you fall, how to fall dignifiedly; when your knee broken bloody, how to clean the wound and bind up. When you drop down and fail, how to get the peace of your mind; when you feel too much pain, how to pack up your broken bleeding heart. Timely psychological adjustment is essential when we face the inevitable failure and lows.

        In face of the coming examination, let us start from the heart with the positive attitude and take action to try our best. As long as we have a dream, we’ll never fear how rough the road is. As long as we have hope, we’ll never give up! Face the examination directly, no matter what result we’ll have, we can proudly say to ourselves: I have no regrets!

        That’s all thank you!